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Hacker Email Flooding/Bombing Services

If you want to reach millions of email users worldwide for the lowest price possible you have come to the right place! We have got over 80 million verified email addresses in our database ready to be contacted with your message, to be sent by our data center consisting of over 900 SMTP email servers.

Our prices (in USD, payable with Bitcoin):

1   million emails delivered for $ 995

5   million emails delivered for $ 3995

10 million emails delivered for $ 6995

25 million emails delivered for $ 14995

50 million emails delivered for $ 24995

* No setup costs.

* Attachment free (up to 250 kb, any kind of file or extension.)

* Email addresses provided by our database. (worldwide mix or per country or domain/ext., B2B)

* Emails are sent by our servers, using our domain names.

* No restrictions: promote or send whatever you want.


ICQ: 712705321

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