I think I just gave my teller $900 cash, miscounted and told him it was $600, and the deposit slip says $600. I’m missing $300 and the bank says the drawer is balanced.

So I was quite sleep deprived today and went to the bank to deposit $600. When I counted the money I counted 2 $100 bills, 2 $50 bills, and then 30 $20 bills. I remember thinking in my out of state brain that 30 $20 bills would equal $300 (stupid me). I got the cash together, told the teller it was $600, he ran it through the money counter, then gave me the deposit slip. I didn’t think anything of it until I went home, counted my cash and was $300 short of where I should be. I looked all over my house for the missing $300 then it hit me- “holy shit I counted 30 $20s thinking it was $300, I gave the teller too much money and he wrote it down as $600”. I called the bank, told them what I think had happened, and they checked my teller’s drawer and said it was balanced. Then, they put me on the phone with the teller and he said “ you handed me 2 $100’s, 2 $50’s, and the rest were $20’s” but he did not specify how many 20 dollar bills I had given him. He also said that he remember money counter saying $600. I asked if they had a record of amounts that go through the money counter and was told that they don’t. I did not want him to feel as if I was accusing him of stealing and clarified that maybe we just messed up on both ends, he could have seen the 6 as a 9 or something. It also could be somewhere missing in my house but I doubt it. I’ve looked all over for the cash and I only keep my cash in one place, and it’s currently short $300. And I am almost entirely positive I handed him $900. Still open to the possibility of me just misplacing the money at my house but the probability of that is low. What should I do? Add on: the teller told me he’s working tomorrow and if anything came up then he would give me a call.



I work at a bank. Usually when there is some sort of discrepancy they will have another person count the drawer. So there’s another person who says it was $600 with no cash difference in the drawer. If you feel so strongly I would either speak with the manager and request they review their camera footage or issue a complaint in hopes they will review the footage.

They often have cameras set up right over teller stations banks can use to try track incidents like this.



I’m a bank auditor — Call and talk with the manager so the teller has someone independent audit their drawer and transactions for the day. They’ll also wait a day or two so the back office can process the transactions and see if they made an error there to where it appears the teller balanced. They’ll also review tapes. You’re not fucked, it’ll just take a few days on the banks end to verify if they were given that money or not.

Unfortunately, it does suck, if the teller’s drawer is balanced then that’s usually it. But I don’t necessarily think you’re fucked.

Double check with the branch on their policies. Check to see if you can put in a dispute to research some more. It’s a small chance, but if another customer’s deposit is off, it could counter yours and balance the teller’s drawer. Like I said, small chance, but tellers are still people and the systems are still just computers.

Just don’t go in hollering up a storm and they’ll most likely be more apt to help put the request in and help do the research.

Best of luck


Go back to basics. Where else could you have put the money? A jacket pocket or somewhere in your car? It does happen where tellers make mistakes or even steal but that’s rare. I’d hope the money would’ve been found when balancing after or when everything was settled at the end of the day. Are you 100% sure you had 900 to start? Maybe you counted wrong and you had 15, $20s and confused $300 with 30. Good luck with this though!

Tip for the future:
I am a teller myself. I would recommend to always put the denominations of currency on the deposit slip if there is a table for it on deposit slip, so that if there is any discrepancy you can telly it with the denominations.

100% this. When I was a teller I would also manually write the denominations on my deposit slip, and this came in handy more than once over my years as a teller. If I was in this situation then I’d just look at my slip to know exactly how many 20’s were given to me.

Aaaand this exact situation happened to me in the past. No mistakes were made on my end and the client was very puzzled. They actually found the extra bills weeks after and let me know!



They should have a camera on him to review tapes. Call them and request a supervisor audit of the drawer. Unless he were to stick it in his back pocket undetected, if his drawer balances there’s probably not a problem. Give it a day but at my bank the back office knows right away the next morning if something fucky is going on.

I’m not sure why everyone thinks there’s footage of this. Most security cameras are in fact aimed at you (the customers) face. I’ve worked in plenty of banks and focus is on the customer not the tellers.

I have personally been accused of theft (that’s where this is heading) by an alcoholic customer and got to spend six months on a written warning with instant surprise audits two to three times weekly. It was exhausting and humiliatingly, but I made it through because I’m not a thief.

I would go in a ask if they can look at the camera footage. Banks have good cameras that usually cover every inch of the teller line from multiple angles. In fact, in situations like this, we usually review the camera footage first as part of investigating a claim, and will let the customer view it if they don’t believe us. The bank wants to be balanced too, so it’s in their interest to make sure everything is balanced.



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