Citi Bank is unironically braindead

I make a $600 transfer through venmo to my landlord for rent. The transaction goes through but never does my account balance update or even show the transaction. The transactions of purchases I made across the last three weeks appear in the transaction list but are not deducted from the account balance value. It is saying I’ve spent $0 this month which is completely wreckless of them as I have to manually calculate my expenses and hope I didn’t overdraw. There is a section called “Pending Transactions” in which it took 3 random purchases I made and put them in limbo, despite them going through like normal transactions.

I try to call Citi for an explanation, the bot asks me to provide SSN and card number linked to the account which I provide. It hangs up on me without a word. I’m so sick of this game. I feel like my account is trapped in the twilight zone and my expenses are being financed from the void. No way can any bank be so incredibly vague and useless to its customers. I understand that its the Christmas season and that it takes time to update the account balance but these transactions are weeks old and have yet to be accounted for in the balance. How a holiday can completely shut down an essential service to this extent is beyond me.




Citi is great for customers who travel internationally and have a lot of money, sometimes I think they purposely make it less convenient for regular people because truthfully, they don’t want us as customers. If venmo never charged your account that’s a venmo problem, not a bank problem.

I was on the phone with Citi and they told me the expense went through, but it isn’t showing the deduction on my transaction list. I’m going to hope nothing is askew and pray everything settles itself in a few days. Unless I had a magical deposit of several hundred dollars my account balance should not be what it is.

That’s pretty annoying. My app updates debit card expenses right away. Usually Venmo will take a day to show up. But if I go to the grocery store it is showing in my account almost immediately and reflects in the balance in real time.

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